Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Bird in a Bag is Worth Two in the Bush

You never know when a bird will do something that seems so ordinary to him, but becomes so memorable for you. Today our cherry-head conure, Mr. Spock, couldn't have done it better than if he were performing on stage. We brought the little guy in to the kitchen and put him on the countertop so he would have our company instead of screaming for us. He nonchalantly stepped over to a paper bag we just emptied and walked in to it, turned around, and made himself right at home. Of course, I grabbed the camera clicked away. He could not have known how cute he looked.

Maybe the bag represents a camping trip for him, like a little tent. After all, it is made from trees. Why did he want to be in the bag? He was so content to be there, centered, quiet, no sounds or "talking" at all. Just looking like he was trying to say "why haven't you brought me here before now?"

He then had to endure our big faces staring at him and telling him how cute he is, trying to get him to pay attention to the camera, then snapping pictures. Our little star.

What have we learned? An simple, inexpensive and quiet way to entertain the bird, while he in turn, entertains us. Symbiosis.

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