Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bird is Back

"What kind of crazy grass is this under my feet?"

A Big Hello and a Loud Squawk Squawk Screech Screech from me and Mr. Spock, the Royal Cherry-Head Conure of Palm Beach County. We have been conspicuously absent during the past few weeks taking care of a bunch of things here at the nest. Thanks for all your emails to check on our pretty parrot during our absence.

South Florida is very hot and seriously steamy. But Mrs. Spock is happy at home in his comfort controlled environment. He is behaving and having a great time in his new habitat. He's still finding new niches to investigate, interesting ways to play with his myriad of colorful toys and mirrors, and taking cat naps next to his fuzzy purple sleep buddy. Even though the door is open most of the time, we find him going in and out of the cage all the time...enjoying the luxurious space.

So check back daily for the scoop. We have lots of good stuff to post. And...don't forget, Mr. Spock would love for you to make this your favorite page for doing all your Google and Amazon searches, and all kinds of shopping too. Have a Great Day!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Spock, You are the hottest bird in Palm Beach County! I think you should put out a calendar sporting birdly poses for each month of 2008. What do you say?

-Aunt Dee