Saturday, May 7, 2011


Your bird relies on you to provide all the resources he or she needs for life. Like humans and most other creatures, your bird needs fresh water. There are two schools of thought about water straight from the tap vs. using filtered or bottled water. If your water comes from a municipal water supplier, then you are probably aware that it will likely contain certain chemicals at or below levels set by the government for clean and safe water. One of those chemicals is often chlorine. Chlorine could be beneficial as a way to prevent bacteria from forming in your bird's mostly stagnant water dish. A bird's water can easily become tainted when he or she drops food or toys or poop in the dish. This is especially true if your bird uses this same water dish for bathing. That is why some veterinarians recommend using this processing, chlorinated water which keeps bacteria at bay longer than spring or filtered type of water. For those that have a strong preference to supply your bird with spring or filtered water, it is recommended that you change the water at least two times per day; more often if you see the water is soiled with debris of any sort, even a piece of fresh vegetable.

Water is your bird's lifeline. Keep it fresh and safe. Your bird will love you for it.

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