Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Little Parrot Humor

A new pet store opens. The shopkeeper puts a parrot in a birdcage outside in front of the store to attract some attention. A woman walks by the shop on her way to work, as she does every day, and the parrot says "You're Ugly." The woman is quite offended and walks off in a huff. The next morning the woman walks past the parrot again and he says "You're Ugly." She is indignant. On the third day, more of the same, the bird says "You're Ugly." This time the woman finds the shopkeeper and tells him about this and demands that he do something to stop it. So the shopkeeper brings the parrot inside, has a little talk with him, and sets him back outside. The next morning when the woman comes along, she looks at the parrot and he says in a sarcastic tone "You Know."

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