Saturday, May 19, 2007

Human Heart Breaks at the Bird Hospital

Went to visit Mr. Spock today in the hospital. Our fragile cherry-head conure (AKA Senior Consultant of has been there since Monday. Dr. Sam Backos and the staff at Backos Bird Clinic in Deerfield Beach, FL are taking excellent care of him. The hardest part was leaving at the end of the visit.

Spock was so excited when arrived and opened the incubator door, In an instant, he was zooming up my arm, heading straight for that warm and cozy nook atop my shoulder, along side my neck. His individual incubator is a spacious and warm safe haven with lots of room to move around, while remaing easy to observe by doctor and staff. After a nice long visit, I returned him to his incubator, and he ran to the back and stuck his beak in the corner and just stood there with his back toward me and the door. It was soooo soooo soooo sad. Broke my heart. I'm guessing he was crying in a bird sort of way.

Needless to say, I couldn't leave. So I began my incubator-side vigil trying to get him to turn around and come out of the corner. There I remained with the door open, my hand inside waiting patiently for a stubborn Mr. Spock, who just wouldn't budge. Finally, after throwing lots of kisses his way, and talking to him using all his favorite phrases (most of which include the words "pretty bird," he softened up, walked over and jumped on my finger. He forgave me.....that's my "pretty bird." I spent the next 30 minutes, talking to him, hand feeding him fruits and veggies, rubbing his head, and taking him in and out of the incubator for kisses. Finally, when he seemed relaxed and starting to get bored with me, I zoomed out of there.

Off I went to Whole Foods Market to drown my sorrows in organic produce and bins filled with bulk stuff, much of which we will bring back to Backos Bird Clinic on our next visit.

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