Monday, June 18, 2007

The Birds of Smallwood & Sullivan County, New York

Cedar Waxwing

Summer in Sullivan County is abundant with the beauty of wildflower meadows, lush green rolling hills, farmlands, forests, and of course, many beautiful birds. In fact, the Sullivan County Audubon Society says "Sullivan County is one of New York State's birdiest counties." The Audubon Society reports that in one year there were 129 species of birds sighted just in the Township of Bethel, home to the lovely community of Smallwood. Other Towns in Sullivan County report impressive bird sightings as well. You can view details and photos at So how about spending and hour or a day talking a nature walk, or sitting quietly by a lake or under a tree and keeping an eye out for the birds. How do you keep them around. Do what we do. Talk with the birds. Try quiet clicking sounds with your tongue against your palette, or whistles, or maybe even a squawk.

The Sullivan County Bald Eagle population in the mid-1970's was estimated to be "two." That's right "2." However, in 1990 New York State purchased 12,000 acres in Sullivan County and created one of the largest bald eagle preserves in the country. The word about the preserve is out because the winter bald eagle population of Sullivan County swells to about 100. Most of these eagles are 'snowbirds' and return to their homes in February and March. But there are still bald eagle watching opportunities throughout the year in Sullivan County and nearby. For more information, you can visit

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