Thursday, June 7, 2007

Unspoiling Our Bird - Part One - The first day home

Hello All,
It's been about a week since the last post because our extra focus and efforts have been on the "unspoiling of Mr. Spock." It began when our 25 year-old, cherry-head conure returned home from the hospital last week after a 14 day stay. The first phase of his hospital stay was for acute care, then it was more like in-patient rehab for the rest of our pretty little parrot's stay.

Over time, we have come to realize that Spock has been running our household, setting his rules, creating the schedules, telling us what to do, and so on. So we thought his homecoming would be a good starting point for us to begin on an even footing with him. Thus the beginning of "Unspoiling Our Bird." We had a plan would talk it over with Spock.

He arrived home to find a very large new cage, as opposed to the large previous cage. Bunches of new and interesting toys. A few of his new toys were just fresh new replacements of the identical toy that he had been playing with and demolishing for a long time. He adapted to the new cage and it's new location very quickly. We thought that it would be an easier adjustment for him to come home to everything new after the two weeks in the incubator at Backos Bird Clinic in Deerfield Beach, rather then just making the switch while he still called the old cage "home." Now, mind you, Mr. Spock is not confined to his cage too often. In fact, he has significantly more "open door" time than he does "locked door" time. It's his choice to be inside or out.

So, a recap so far of how we are unspoiling our cheery cherry-head conure: Big New Cage ! Lots of New and Fun Toys! Moving furniture around to create the perfect aviary space for him. Access in and out whenever he wants. Hmmmm....maybe we need to take a better look at this plan. But seriously, there is a plan. Tune in again to for Part Two in the series "Unspoiling Our Bird."


Auntie Dee said...

Mr. Spock,

You must come down from your high perch and go easy on Mom and Dad! Yes, we know you want to rule, and you do, but I admonish you! You would be better suited to your birdly ways rather than this imperious and controlling behavior that I’m hearing about. You must be an example for other recovering birds! Yes you are beautiful, yes you are adorable, yes you are everything anyone could ever want from a bird...and we love you! Just look at you...Oh Spock... Do you want anything? Spockie want some crackers? Good grief! What’s happening to me...

Anonymous said...

Dearest Auntie Dee, know me so well. I'm just seeing how much slack they'll give me around here. There's just one roost in this house, and I'm the only chicken around. So call me King. Afterall, my Aunt Dee is her Royal Highness, Queen of the Most Ecumenical Subjects.

Your Nephew, Spock.