Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Unspoiling our Bird - Part Two - Going Mobile

In Part 1 of this series, we described the large and luxurious new home base cage we set up for Mr. Spock to begin the unspoiling process.

The next step toward unspoiling Mr. Spock, our 25 year-old controlling cherry-head conure, was to purchase a new "playpen" for him so that he can have familiar comfortable surroundings wherever he goes in our home. He already has a "play area" in our office, but the new "mobile" addition gives him more options. It has a ladder, swinging toys, a high perch, low perch, food and water dishes, etc.

So, right about now you may be asking "exactly how is this unspoiling our precious parrot." I'm kind of questioning it myself. (Just kidding.) Actually, it's working. This is all part of our master plan to be able to have Spock close by whenever he starts feeling restless. Even though his cage is wide open when we are home, he does get restless from time to time. That's when the spoiled brat-bird in him starts to rear it's un-pretty head. The screeching begins. Sometimes he is letting us know he doesn't want to be alone while we are in another room. Other times, he may want some of what we are cooking or eating, or might want a light out or a light on, etc.

So, now that we have a mobile playpen for him. This has served to quiet the pesky parrot every time. It has cut out on a lot of screaming matches between us and him. And...since screaming is our bird's specialty, he is usually the winner of any Call of the Wild match. So now our little talks with Mr. Spock are more conducive to harmony in our home.

So, we highly recommend mobile playpens.


Anonymous said...

I just loved the picture of 'His Royal Highness'. We have a Sun Conure and all he/she does is screem when he/she want's something and of course we just react so he/she keeps doing it.

I was wondering, how can you tell it the bird is a he or a she?

Bobby T.
No Name, Colorado

KC said...

Hi Bobby,
Thanks! We had Mr. Spock's DNA tested at Zoogen. You can see the info at We did it when he was about 11 through our Vet in Colorado. I see you live in No Name. How is the magnificant Glenwood Canyon looking at this time of year? It is probably my favorite scenic drive in the world. Took that trip a lot. Is the river rushing?

As far as your screaming Sun Conure, keep reading the series on unspoiling Mr. Spock. Maybe you will have some luck with what we have been doing.

Bobby, would you like to add a photo of you Sun Conure to Mr. Spock's Photo Gallery. You can email it to him at, with a little info.

South Florida