Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Global Warming...Global Confusion? Which Way is Up for Migrating Birds?

This has been a strange winter, which apparently is still not over. There was just a major snowfall in the Northeast this past weekend. I recall hearing news of recent winter temps in March 2007 as high as 80 degrees in New York, while South Florida was experiencing 50 degree temps at the same time. If we humans are having trouble deciding what kind of jacket to wear, imagine how the birds must feel! After all, birds don't migrate by a pocket planner calendar. If the weather is saying summer, but it is really winter, how do the birds know if they are supposed to be coming or going? I don't want to make this point with lots of dry statistics. We all have common sense and can use logic, or even our imaginations to see what a problem this already must be for migrating birds. Sometimes we forget that people aren't the only Snowbirds who travel from north to south to escape the frigid temps and spend a wonderful winter nesting (or vacationing) in South Florida.

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