Monday, April 9, 2007

Finicky About Bird Food or Jelly Beans?

Some parrots and conures are choosy about the brand of bird food they will eat. Our cherry-head conure, Mr. Spock, is not only selective about the brand, but he has a pecking order (pun intended) as to which color he will eat first. It reminds me of how some people will eat jelly beans, Starburst, or lollipops in a certain order.

His favorite bird food is Pretty Bird brand medium size fruity pellets. There are four colors in the mix, and they have a nice fruity aroma. First to go is the purple, next is the yellow, then the red, and finally the green ones. Many times when we change his food, all that is left is a bunch of the green pellets. What's up with that?

What have we learned? Cherry-head conures are not color blind.


Joy said...

Does your conure do that with regular food too, like fruits and vegetables? Sometimes mine will ignore some things I give her in her treat dish until last. So it's not that she won't eat them. I wonder if it is color, taste, or the way it smells.

My Name: KC said...

Joy, I don't believe Mr. Spock eats "regular" food in a color order. He eats it based on what he likes. For example, if he is eating yellow squash, he will stop eating it if I put some yellow apple in the same dish. He likes apples more. Do you have a bird? What are his/her eating habits?