Thursday, April 12, 2007

Parrots, Conures and House Guests

"Welcome To My Home"

Jekyll and Hyde could be one way to describe how Mr. Spock, our cherry-head conure, behaves when we have guests staying over. Our lovable bird usually starts out on his best behavior for about 1 - 2 days. He's calm, quiet, and spends most of his time keeping a low profile. The reality is that Spock is hiding out from the "strangers" and under the impression that no one can see him. This makes our courageous conure feel safe and gives him time to observe the new people. He forgoes the usual 'crack-of-dawn' crowing, he abandons clanging his toys in to the side of the cage to get our attention, and he skips the siren-like screeching that we usually hear as soon as we enter the house.

Once Mr. Spock has sized up the new humans and realizes they are not a threat to this proud parrot, he sends out that exact message via shock waves, usually early in the morning, with his 'rise and shine' ear-drum piercing cocka-doodle-doos. Then we know...that he knows...that we know...that Spock is back in charge of the household. Watch out now!

What have we learned? Parrots / conures are good on stake outs.

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