Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Migration...Birds of a Different Type

The annual Springtime Snowbird migration is officially underway. April is the time of year when these unique birds begin to tidy up their winter nests and embark on their journey north. As things "heat up" in subtropical Florida, the Snowbirds take to the road, rails and the air to make their way to more temperate areas of the US and Canada. The signs of it are everywhere in South Florida...it begins with the sudden appearance of car carrier trucks stopped at shopping plazas adjacent to the "55 and over" communities, loading up with Toyota Camrys and Lincoln Grand Marquis. The mass pre-closing of hurricane shutters across condo high rises along the ocean is another telltale sign of migration. Other hints of the northern migration include the shorter wait times at banks and restaurants, and talk among the birds about flying dates. The Snowbirds will be back in the Fall when places like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Montreal show the first signs of dipping temps. After all, these birds don't have feathers to keep them warm.

What have we learned: Not all birds have feathers...and...some birds prefer to take the train rather than fly.

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